Thursday, 6 March 2008

Look ma - no sporran

"The author surveys his newly acquired territory." That's what it says under this remarkable photograph which can be found in the UK edition of Readers Digest.

Regular reader(s) will recall this story from Spectrum magazine last August, when I purchased a square foot of land in the Highlands for 30 quid and with it the right to be styled 'Laird of Lochaber'. So impressed with this yarn were the good people at Readers Digest that they bought the rights to it, and it appears in this month's issue. Presumably in the name of good taste, they have subbed the piece down a bit - but you can read the whole unadulterated thing below.

The obvious fashion faux pas in the picture is entirely due to the fact that I had never worn a kilt before, and the photographer, Phil Wilkinson, is English, so neither of us remembered that I should wear a sporran. The result was that I spent the day traipsing round the mountains looking like a big Jessie, a cross between Eddie Izzard and Rupert the Bear. Rupert Izzard in fact.


BiscuitTheCat said...

Sorry, Hon, but Eddie knows to wear a sporran with his kilt. I've a great photo to prove it. :)

Ted said...

Where's Rambling Sid Rumpo now that we need him?