Thursday, 14 January 2010

An audience with Lemony Snicket

Thousands of children share Lemony Snicket's tastes and after an hour-long performance, it takes him three hours to work through his signing session.

As the procession of children thins to a trickle, a bespectacled boy with a serious face approaches. “What’s wrong?” demands Snicket. “Is life getting you down? Are you watching as the sands of time tumble down the hourglass as you march towards death, the chill breath of mortality on your skin?” The boy takes the signed book with a sheepish smile. “Say thank you,” barks Snicket. He turns to a shy little girl in a pink coat who is last in the queue. “Oh, I’m sorry. We are right out of time.”

This is quite jolly. There's more here: Snicket. Readers of the Scotsman will be surprised to read this, because their newspaper is claiming a Snicket exclusive. (Exclusive to the Scotsman, the BBC, 1,000 children. And the Times.)

Pic by the excellent Tom Main

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