Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Poetry please

“I think it is possible to write serious poetry which can be entertaining and fun. Some people find that hard to accept and think the best poetry must be solemn. I have never agreed with that. There can be very good poetry which entertains you, makes you laugh.”

That's Edwin Morgan, Scotland's Makar - or national poet - speaking on his 89th birthday. You can read the whole article here: Champagne moment.

If you don't know about Eddie and his work, there's everything you'll need at his own rather wonderful website, which you can find here. Scotland's favourite poet. And here are some pix of Eddie's birthday bash, and the Scottish Poetry Library blog: party pictures.

Due to public demand on Facebook, I also include a reference to an article about a cafe at Cape Wrath. It's right here, at Cape cafe.

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