Saturday, 22 November 2008

Pie shop picture

Outside a butcher's shop in Glenrothes, John Prescott is seeking to bend the arc of history, while modestly soaking up praise for his new television series - an examination of class in modern Britain.

“It's brilliant, pure entertainment,” John Martin, a local drug support worker, gushes. The former Deputy Prime Minister beams a self-satisfied smile.

It is here in the murky interior of the Kingdom Shopping Centre, a concrete monstrosity at the heart of one of Scotland's unloved new towns, that Britain's latest television superstar and most infamous bulimic believes that he can pull off the impossible.

He was parachuted in at the eleventh hour to swing an improbable by-election victory, save the Government, put spring in the Brown Bounce and knock the Scottish National Party off its perch.

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It's been busy, because of the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe in August, and then just because it's been busy. So here are links to some the stuff that I've had in the paper.

You can read more about John Prescott, Labour grandee, in a piece written the morning Barack Obama won his victory (hence the arc of history) if you go here: Prescott.

Here's a nice beaver piece: Beaver.

One with Sean Connery in it, a piece which prompted a reader to write in and tell me that I was a sneering, horrible person: Connery.

An article about coffee houses, past and present: Coffee.

Mary Queen of Scots stirs up a controversy here: Mary.

And lots more at this website: journalisted.

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