Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Loch Ness film wins monster approval

I wrote this piece about the film The Water Horse for the Times just before Christmas, ahead of its release in the States. I'm a sucker for a feelgood U-rated movie, and this one looks the part, as many of the US reviews made clear. I snaffled some of the quotes from You Tube and the internet - but the story had a real interest in Britain, where Alex Etel, the young lad in the film, had just starred in a BBC version of Cranford. Which is why a supposedly 'Scottish' story made the national edition.

Click here to link to the Times: Monster hit

The film has its British premiere this Saturday in Edinburgh, so you'll be reading more about it soon, here and elsewhere. The show is in aid of the Maggie's Centres which provide care and counselling for cancer sufferers in Scotland. Find out more here: Maggie's Centres

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